you got breaking hearts all but down

oh, lol! an icon!

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oh, LOL! an ICON!
» textless icons are not bases unless stated.
» do not claim any of these icons as your own.
» no wanking on anything. fanart, manips, etc.
»; credit is necessary, comment as well if you're taking.
»; respecting the makers is a must.
»; be appreciative and patient. we have lives as well.
»; follow the rules

Lolanicon is currently closed.

xsweet_rainex's icons can be found at electresque under the name of electrohop
static_anomaly's icons can be found at skyemachina under the name of ohpepper

we hope you all enjoyed our icons! (: please do follow us at our seperate icon communities if you wish. we hope to see you there!